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Come see Egypt, the Mother of the World!

With one of the longest histories of any modern state, dating back to the 10th millennium BC, Egypt had one of the world’s earliest and most sophisticated civilizations.

Let us arrange your visit to another world: Egypt, a vast desert cut through by a river valley along which almost all its population lives. It’s a land of enigmatic tombs, splendid temples, oblique hieroglyphs and glorious beaches, famous above everything for its gigantesque pyramids. Dwarfed in equal measure by its epic architecture and impressive history, you’ll be left enthralled and enamored.

“Whoso hath not seen Cairo hath not seen the world,” says the line in the Arabian Nights. The Egyptians call their capital the Mother of the World. Cairo’s wealth of medieval Islamic architecture has earned it the epithet of City of A Thousand Minarets.

Here you will find the Egyptian Museum, almost overflowing with its thousands of priceless antiquities, as well as many of King Tutankhamun’s treasures. The splendid Alabaster mosque was built by the founder of modern Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, in memory of his son. And the Hanging Church of St Mary, Cairo’s most famous Coptic Christian church.

Exploring Egypt is like traveling back in time - you’re going to descend into a world of ancient wonders: from the magnificent Giza Pyramids complex and the Sphinx amid the desert lands in Cairo to a cruise down the Nile on an Egyptian felucca; from the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, the legendary Alexandria to a snorkeling jaunt along a coral wall in the Red Sea.

Awaken your inner explorer on your expedition through the lush river valleys and golden desert landscapes of Egypt. Cruise the Nile past the pharaonic temples of Luxor to the Nubian treasures of Aswan. Your voyage can also take you to the mystical Pyramids of Giza, Tomb of the Nobles and the Sphinx.

There are many tour companies that will offer you what they think you should see - Laura will arrange a tour of what you want to see; all within your budget by utilizing her affiliated local tour company whom are happy to provide you with the insights and expertise that only a local business can provide.

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