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A few words from Laura...

As I ponder through my life’s trials and tribulations while trying to find meaning and to embark on yet another journey through life, I have decided to write a book on my life as well as to make this website and start a foundation.

I was born and raised in Stamford, Ct. At an early age of 12 and still in elementary school, I felt a desire to make a difference in this world and my attention revolved around helping those that were less fortunate than me. I felt lucky that my parents provided me with a good upbringing, they were married for close to 44 years before my dad, a firefighter in Stamford, passed away in 1994. They worked hard for me and my other 4 siblings, always putting us first, often struggling to pay the bills, but we did not notice. My mother did not feel it necessary for me to go to college, but my dad saw that my intentions to change the world to make it a better place were so strong and I was so determined that he went with me to Washington, D.C. when I just barely turned 18 out of high school to be an Intern in Congress. He was the first strong male figure in my life to help support my dreams. I loved current events and worldly events and the Kennedys while I was growing up in the 60’s. They were from a Catholic upbringing as I was – so I could identify with the good that they were doing for those less fortunate than themselves. I felt that it was each one of our responsibility to help make this a better world and to seek peace.
I pursued a career in public service because of my desire to work with the public directly. My first job was in the Arlington County Courthouse because I worked in the political campaign and was President of the Young Democrats on my college campus at Marymount College of Virginia.

I received by A.A. Degree in Political Science and Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from Marymount College of Virginia and decided to remain and work in the Washington, D.C. area.
Deciding that marriage and settling down was not for me, nor politics any longer either, I returned to my hometown of Stamford, CT.

I now figured it was time to really look for what I enjoyed and what I could do and explore new horizons. I wanted to work with people and started to work in the hotel and restaurant business. My mentor/my friend, Abdel H. Metwally, came into my life and guided me to a professional career and education in the hospitality, real estate and then property management career. Without his guidance, I doubt I would be here today. He was my mentor for more than 35 years, and guided me through my hotel career, real estate and property management. I visited him in his beloved homeland of Egypt, in October of 2016, where he decided to go back to and retire and live out his final years. Sadly, he passed away January 27, 2017. I have been on a spiritual journey since that time and trying to understand what God wants for me. Abdel taught me so much, when I was lost, to always have faith in God, for he is the one and only that is in control of all things. I often find myself in Egypt – a place of peace, of safety, of kind people who love from their hearts and souls. Unlike what the media portrays, I saw for myself and want to promote tourism to Egypt, the most wonderful place I have ever been to in my life.

So this also led me to a career change, to teach English As a Second Language to Immigrants. Throughout my hotel, real estate and property management career, I had contact with many immigrants who taught me lessons in life. Their strong work ethic, their morals and their strong values made me want to give back. So teaching English to those that want to learn – something simple for me since I am a native speaker, seemed to be the thing to do.

I also keep my real estate license, to help those find their place to live. My knowledge of Stamford and Fairfield County is very thorough and I work one on one with customers to find their homes and help them find what they can afford. Abdel taught me that the commission is not important, but to be honest is most important.

So this website is divided into the important aspects of my life:

  • Tour guide – due to my love of travel and desire to promote Egypt as the #1 tourist destination. Btw, Luxor is considered the tourist capital of the world.
  • ESL Teaching – Teach and tutor immigrants and visitors who have the desire to learn English.
  • Real Estate license – I continue to hold my license for the entire state of Connecticut to help those looking for their new home or business, or for those that want to sell.