Laura Augustyn

LAURA AUGUSTYN: Tour Guide, ESL Teacher, Real Estate Agent

Laura is a certified real-estate agent and property manager with years of experience in overseeing, administrating and directing entire operations of residential properties and hotels.

She is a passionate and dedicated ESL teacher having experience working with adults and children. Her ability to integrate theoretical concepts and practical ideas, and apply them to classroom situations is unparalleled. She has strong interpersonal skills and experience with multicultural populations with the ability to motivate students to converse in the English language and to provide them guidance that will improve their writing, reading, and speaking skills.

She also specializes in creating your dream trip to the Mother of the World, Egypt. There are many tour companies that will offer you what they think you should see - Laura will arrange a tour of what you want to see; all within your budget by utilizing local tour guides whom are happy to provide you with the insights and expertise that only a local can provide.

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Come see Egypt, the Mother of the World! Tours by Laura in conjunction with local guides; don't miss out on a trip of a lifetime! Safe, economical and historical, tour Cairo, Aswan and Luxor; relax as you cruise down the Nile. Contact Laura to arrange your dream vacation today!

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My passion for teaching began by helping people in 1981. All of the people I helped often told me how they appreciated every thing I did for them, so now my mission is to help those to speak English to better themselves, to go where the people want to learn through education.

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A tailored approach to Real Estate means results, whether you are buying or selling. Laura takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on personal touches, win-win deals and positive results. After all, it is your dreams - let Laura help you turn them into reality.

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October 2020

Got the travel blues? Check out my new travel blog with the best experience ever - then book a trip of your own today! Call or E-Mail Laura: 203-554-7479 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Be Honest

Be Honest is the compelling true experience of Abdel Metwally, an Egyptian immigrant who traveled solo to the United States in 1969 in search of a new life and to fulfill his dream of working for an American business. Abdel arrived in New York City without friends, relatives, help, or money, but he did possess and intend to live by three principles that would carry him through the challenges ahead: to be honest, to work hard, and to make a clean living. With six years of experience working as a cost accounting manager in a $20 million trade company, Abdel enthusiastically set out to find a job, only to soon encounter several roadblocks. He shares the chronological account of his working life over the last thirty-eight years by depicting his personal experiences and then reflecting on the lessons he learned. He also includes his theories on honesty and ideas for change in America's business management that will certainly encourage thoughtful conversation in a group setting. Abdel not only candidly communicates his opinions of the American business world but also focuses on sharing one important lesson - to be honest is the only way to succeed.
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