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My trip to Egypt - Reflection on my amazing Journey 4 years ago

It is October 18, 2020.  Here in the USA, we are in the midst of the Pandemic of 2020, the Coronavirus Covid 19.  Travel has stopped, especially overseas.  I am so glad I made some decisions in my life about travel when I could.  When I worked with senior citizens in housing for 10+ years, a 100 year old friend Emily told me the lessons she learned in life.  She said if somone invites you someplace, go, don't hesitate, if you can, just go.  She said she stopped worrying and left all in God's hands.  Enjoy life every day.  These words of hers stayed with me and continue to stay with me always. 

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My trip to Egypt - Aswan, October 21, 2016

For the next leg of my trip, I was off to Aswan. I had a full day of my tours in Cairo that day, Wednesday, October 20, 2016, riding a camel at the magnificent pyramids, buying some souveniers in Cairo, going on to see the Sphinx, then Radwa the tour guide introduced me to an Egyptologist who showed us the famous Egyptian Museum, full of relics from King Tut, the boy King.  Fascinating, to say the least.  I went back to my hotel, the Ramses Hilton, ate dinner there, met a couple of people from the US, New York area in the dining room. 

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My trip to Egypt - October 22 - Abu Simbel, Cruise Down the Nile on to Luxorse


After the tour of Aswan and seeing the Aswan Dam, it was time to board the cruise ship to embark on the Nile.  We stayed stationary overnight October 21 and the tour guide Nasir encouraged me and the others aboard to take the trip to Abu Simbel.  A once in a lifetime experience, bi annual on October 22 and February 22 there is a sunrise festival.  Only on these 2 days of the year, does the sun shine directly on Ramses face in the temple.  Ramses was an important King of Egypt who loved and worshipped the sun, thinking it was the god, prior to religion.  This began part of my spiritual journey.  It amazed me that way back more than 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians were trying to find out why thngs were and where they came from.  I say that it was in Egypt where the true God was actually found.  Only if you travel to Egypt will you get this feeling and direct connection to God.  It is very spiritual. 

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